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Genertor Will Not Start?

1. Make sure that the carburetor is not flooded. You can drain the carburetor using thendrain screw located at the base of the carburetor. There is a hose coming out of the carburetor where the screw is located.

2. If the generator starts for a second or two and then goes out, check to see if the low oil light comes on. Check engine oil level to see if there is enough there.

3. Check the spark plug. Pull out the spark plug and make sure it is not all gummed up. If it looks like there is some carbon build up, clean it with a emery cloth and re insert it.

4. Check the ignition switch. Remove the ignition switch using a phillips head screwdriver. Once you have it removed, look at the metal tab inside. You need to bend this this up very gently. Sometimes this tab will loose it's spring by repeated use. Reinstall the switch and listen for a gentle click when you turn it on and off. If you hear the click, then you have fixed the spring properly.


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