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KDE 25SS Inc Auto Transfer Switch

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Better performance Automatic switching over Ultra-silent running Integrated control system Safer power for sensitive equipments
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Product Description

* Better performance
* Automatic switching over
* Ultra-silent running
* Integrated control system
* Safer power for sensitive equipments


More Powerful Performance
KIPOR exclusive technology provides greater motor starting capability for large loads such as central air conditioners while still running other home appliances and electronics.

Automatic, Hands-off Operation
In the event of a utility power outage, automatically the generator automatically starts to restore power to the home, whether you're home or away. Digital Electronic IsoChronous Governor

Safer Power for Sensitive Electronics
KIPOR residential generators protect all of your valuable appliances and sophisticated electronics with cleaner, safe and stable power Digital Voltage Regulator

Easier Service and Installation
KIPOR new easy-connection terminal block provides faster, flexible installations. LED Display Provides Diagnostic Capability

Quieter Operation 
Sound enclosure maintains neighborhood solitude whether you are in self-test or full operation mode

Meets Environmental 
Protection Agency (EPA) nonstationary unit requirements

Faster Response
While many competitive products can leave you in the dark for 25 seconds or more during an outage, KIPOR generators restore power in as little as 10 seconds.
•Advanced Digital Control
•More sophisticated diagnostic self-test



Rated frequency(Hz)

50 60

Rated output(kVA)

18.5 24


20 26

Rated voltage(V)

115/230 120/240

Rated current(A)

160/80 200/100

Rated speed(r/min)

1500 1800

Generator model


Pole No.


Loop mode

Single-phase, three-loop

Excitation mode

Brushless self-excitation and constant voltage(AVR)

Power factor(cosΦ)


Insulation grade


Engine model


Engine type

Four-cylinder, in-lined, four-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled



Total displacement(L)


Compression ratio


Rated power(kW)

23.2 30

Cooling water capacity(engine)(L)


Radiator tank(L)


Lubricating system

Pressure splashed

Lube oil brand

SAE10W-30,15W-40(above CD grade)

Lube oil capacity(L)


Starting system

12V Electric starter

Starting motor capacity(V-kW)

12V 2.8kW

Charging generator capacity(V-A)

12V 50A

Battery capacityXNo.(V-Ah)

12V 80AhX1

Fuel type

0#(summer), -10#(winter),-35#(chillness)diesel

Fuel consumption(g/kW.h)


Panel type

Digital panel

Output voltage(V)

115/230 120/240


Two single-phase receptacles

Connection pole


Noise level(zero load-full load)[dB(A)/7m]

51 53

Structure type

Ultra silent

Fuel tank capacity(L)


Continous running time(hr)

10.5 8.5

Overall dimension(LXWXH)(mm)


Dry weight(kg)


KS code Spare Name
Description Price
KS0093 Charging Alternator KDE11SS
Charging Alternator KDE11SS £72.00
KS0135 Air Filters for KDE25SS
Air Filtes for KDE25SS £30.00
KS0098 Oil Filter 25SS
Oil Filter 25SS £38.40
KS0138 KDE11SS KDE16SS Alternator AVR
AVR KDE11SS KDE16SS £120.00
KS0127 Fuel Filter KDE11SS KDE16SS KDE20SS3 KDE25SS
Fuel Filter KDE11SS KDE16SS KDE20SS3 KDE25SS £21.60
KS0161 Automatic Transfer Switch for KDE25SS
Automatic Transfer Switch for KDE25SS £1095.00
KDE 25SS Starter Motor KDE 25SS
KDE 25SS Starter Motor £192.00
KS0243 7000STA ATS Plug
7000STA ATS PLUG £18.00
KS0114 Air Filter Elements 11SS 16SS 25SS
Air Filter Elements 11SS 16SS 25SS £12.50
KS102 Emergency Stop
Emergency stop push switch £24.00
KS0254 KDE25SS Starter Motor
Starter motor for KDE25SS £228.00


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